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A previous notice!!Seaul international Print, Photo & Edition Works Art Fair
Wednesday,October 3,2007-Sunday,October 7(5days)

Seoul Print Art Fair has been held for the 10th times since 1995. Now it has officially changed its name to <SIPA: Seoul International Print, Photo & Edition Works Art Fair> and was held with great interests of many foreign countries. SIPA 2006 invited 70 domestic art galleries and workshops, and oversea art galleries and workshops including Japan, China, the USA, UK, Italy, Finland, Spain, Belgium, and Poland. SIPA 2006 displayed the works of many famous artists currently representing Print Art and Photograph. Many people were greatly interested in the special exhibitions which included <Korea, China and Japan Contemporary Print Art>, <Faces of the Artists: Photographs>, <China Print Art>, and < Fashion Photographs>.
There were many lectures that introduced some of the most important topics of printmaking and photograph in Korea, Japan and China. Through this, SIPA has strengthened its position as an international art fair. SIPA 2006 has lowered its curtain expecting more improvement in SIPA 2007.

A previous notice!!exhibition by three people(Temporary title)
Saturday,October 6-For about two weeks

SEVEN POINT(in Oita,Japan)
We will inform when details are decided.

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